3 Tips for Curbing Anxiety About Visiting the Dentist

3 Tips for Curbing Anxiety About Visiting the Dentist

According to the Huffington Post Canada, 40% of the Canadian population avoids dental work because of fear or anxiety. Most people have some kind of unpleasant feeling about going to a dentist, but if it is bad enough to avoid appointments it is something that needs to be addressed.

Going to regular teeth cleanings and/or getting fillings or root canals are very important pieces to maintaining a healthy life. If you are someone who struggles with anxiety over seeing a dentist, here are three tips that can help you find some peace of mind.

1. Keep Up With Your Dental Hygiene

Following proper guidelines and advice when taking care of your teeth can play a crucial role in the anxiety you have during a dental appointment. Making sure you floss and brush a proper amount in addition to attending regular check-ups and cleanings will ensure that your teeth will be in healthy condition. If you do not have to come back to get a filling or root canal, that it is one less appointment that you will stress over.

At Hamptons Dental, you can make an appointment for a cleaning that we recommend you do at least every six months. When you come in for an appointment with us, we make sure that you go home with the proper knowledge on how to take care of your teeth. We also want to make sure you know where your specific problem areas are, so you can focus on those when at home. We have online resources, so you can easily make an appointment at any time and have access to more information on any services you are considering.

3. Inquire About Sedation

If the fear of being in that dentist’s chair is just unbearable, there are multiple sedation options that you can ask your dentist about. Depending on the procedure being done and other patient specific factors, you might be able to receive a small or intense amount of sedation to ensure you can get through the appointment comfortably.

At our clinic, we offer inhaled sedation, also referred to as laughing gas, as the minimal amount of sedation. For more in depth procedures, deep sedation and general anaesthesia can also be given at our offices. If sedation seems like it would help calm your nerves, don’t hesitate to ask. You can also visit our website to read more about this option.

3. Go to a Dentist You Can Trust

If you go to a dentist you have seen before and can trust, it will help make the idea a little more comfortable. The entire act of another person working on the inside of your mouth is definitely a weird one, but it is necessary. Fear can come from the unknown, but having experience with the way a particular dentist works can remove that fear and offer a sense of security.

At Hamptons Dental, we have customers who have come to see us for over twenty-five years. We take pride in knowing a lot of the patients we serve have been referred to us by other patients and families who receive our dental care. We will always offer a homey environment and schedule you multiple appointments a year, creating a routine filled with trust.

For a Worry-Free Dentist Visit, Call Us

Our goal at Hamptons Dental is to make sure the dentist is no longer a scary place. Much of the fear that comes from receiving a dental procedure is brought on by children witnessing their parents being worried, too. By offering an office where the whole family can come in and be comfortable, we hope to show the kids and parents we are a place they can trust.

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