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Oral health plays a significant role in your overall health and general well-being. For over 20 years, Hamptons has dedicated itself to ensuring that you and your family enjoy a healthy smile that makes you look and feel your best.

At Hamptons Dental, our General Dentistry is the foundation of our services and has been relied on by our loyal patients of all ages. Our team of brilliant and experienced dentists will examine, diagnose and treat your condition and ensure that your oral health needs are met. We will also arrange for specialized treatment and refer you to other oral health experts in the event that you need a specific specialized dental procedure, which is why people say we are one of the best dentists in NW Calgary.

The dental services that our general dentists offer include but are not limited to the following:

Dental Checkups

It is recommended that you go for dental checkups at least every six months in order to retain good oral health. Our dentists will not only give you a thorough cleaning but will also address and treat minor issues to prevent potential dental conditions.

Cavity Treatment

A tooth cavity (or tooth decay) is one of the most common conditions that can affect the teeth. If you are experiencing tooth pain when eating certain foods, then it is possible that you are experiencing the beginning of a cavity and will need to see a dentist immediately. Keep in mind that a cavity spotted early on is much easier to treat.

Tooth Extraction

It may be necessary to remove a tooth that has been severely infected and can potentially spread damage to the surrounding teeth and area. Our dentists will recommend the tooth/teeth to be removed if no other treatment is effective.

Root Canal

A root canal is performed in order to treat teeth that are suffering from severe infection or decay. In this procedure, the infected nerve tissues are removed in order to prevent them from contaminating the surrounding area. Our general dentists are highly trained in root canals and can perform the treatment in a quick and effective manner that will cause little to no pain to our patients.

Our general dentistry services also cover: teeth cleaning, TMJ therapy, dental implants, dentures, gum disease treatment and more. If you are interested in a dental service but are not sure if we offer them, then please give us a call and we would be happy to assist you. Our front desk staff members are not only trained professionals but will also welcome patients with the utmost care and helpfulness.


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