Teeth Cleaning in NW Calgary

Professional cleaning by a dentist is an integral part of oral (and general) health. In fact, even if you don’t visit the dentist for any other treatment, it is recommended that you come in for dental cleaning at least twice a year. Even if you brush and floss on a daily basis, there are many benefits that our dental cleaning can offer that cannot be achieved by good oral hygiene at home.

Over time, your teeth develop build-up that can lead to tooth and gum disease when left uncleaned. This build-up includes plaque which is a sticky coating that houses millions of bacteria. These bacteria are what eventually causes tooth decay and gum problems. Professional cleaning also addresses the accumulation of tartar. Tartar is composed of hard build-up that accumulates on the teeth. In order to remove these without causing damage to the teeth, a dentist uses specialized tools during cleaning.

What can you expect from dental cleaning near you?

If this is your first time to come in for a dental cleaning, then you probably don’t know what to expect. It takes approximately an hour to complete. We recommend arriving on time for your appointment as the dentist might have another patient after yours. An ultrasonic is a common instrument used in dental cleaning, particularly to remove tartar deposits. The ultrasonic emits vibrations to loosen the tartar. It also sprays water in order to wash away the particles.

Hand scaling using sharpened steel instruments is a more traditional method of dental cleaning but is still used for its effectiveness in removing tartar. We sharpen these instruments on a daily basis to ensure maximum performance in cleaning buildup.

When you first come in for a dental cleaning, our hygienist will assess your dental condition and health history prior to the cleaning. After the procedure, our hygienist will also sit down with you to educate you about how you can take proper care of your teeth at home. You might think you already know everything there is to know about oral hygiene, but you might be surprised! For instance, did you know that there is a way to overbrush your teeth that can potentially damage them?

This is also a good time for the hygienist to familiarize you with any problem areas in your teeth that he might have discovered, so you can monitor and take extra care of that area.

If you are looking for a full and thorough dental cleaning today, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. With two decades in the dentistry industry, and an NW Calgary area top dentist, we are the preferred boutique clinique of a long list of loyal clients who have come to trust us with their dental health.


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