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Nobody wants to experience tooth decay. Even with proper dental hygiene habits, issues like cavities may still arise. This is a reality for many of us in NW Calgary. Fortunately, the professional dentists at Hamptons Dental want to treat your tooth decay effectively. We offer several services like dental crownsbridges, or veneers. If none of these apply to your situation, composite fillings may be the best option for you! 

Fillings are a popular option for treating cavities and improving the look of your smile. They fill in the affected area with new material like composite. Composite fillings are a good choice not only because they look natural, but because of how well they’ll work with your teeth. What are some of the other frequently asked questions about composite fillings at Hamptons Dental? 

Why do you need a filling? 

Fillings are a restorative dental process used to actually “fill” decayed parts of a tooth. When tooth decay worsens, it forms cavities. Cavities are holes with rotted passageways that lead to the sensitive inner layer. Not only can they be painful, but they’re also unsightly and can lead to worse problems down the road. 

The tooth pulp, or tissue inside the teeth, can become infected from enough decay. This can be extremely painful and require a root canal, along with even more visits to the dentist. To prevent this worst-case scenario, fillings are available to protect your teeth from further damage. 

To prevent tooth decay in the first place, you must brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each time. Flossing once a day also helps clean the often-neglected parts of the mouth. Combined with visits to your family dentist for a regular cleaning every six months, you have the recipe to success when it comes to preventing decay. 

How does a dentist fill a tooth? 

The entire process is easy and painless. To start, your dentist will use an anesthetic to numb the area with tooth decay. Then, they will use a dental drill to clear the decay and make room for the filling. Many patients feel anxious around drills, but at Hamptons Dental, you can have peace of mind since our specialists have handled them successfully for over 20 years. 

After the decay is clear, your dentist will add the composite filling. This can either be bonded to your teeth directly or applied temporarily to wait for another filling agent to take its place. This way, it can protect the tooth from any further damage before the dentist applies a permanent option. 

What are the positives of composite fillings near you?

  • Look. One of the reasons many people opt for composite fillings is that it looks like a natural part of the tooth. Unlike other options like gold or silver amalgam, the composite material looks natural.
  • Affordability. Composite fillings are much cheaper than their gold or silver counterparts. They’re still more expensive than other kinds of amalgam materials, but you know you’re paying for a more durable option in composite.
  • Durability. On average, composite fillings last 5-8 years. According to WebMD, the micro-mechanical bond to the tooth is what provides further support making them last several years.
  • Convenience. Since they are bonded directly to the tooth, you will only have to make one appointment for the procedure. As most of us have busy schedules, this method saves time in the day! 

What are the negatives of composite fillings? 

  • Long Appointment.  According to WebMD, the application process for composites can be longer when compared to amalgam fillings. Keep in mind that this will be the only appointment you’ll have to make to get your teeth filled.
  • Comparative Durability. Though 5-8 years is a good deal for many of us, it still doesn’t compare to the lifespan of gold and silver fillings, which can last up to 10 to 15 years.
  • Discolouring. Though the composite fillings are tooth-coloured to start with, you can easily stain them. This means drinking too much tea can make your fillings stand out from your teeth. Hamptons Dental offers professional teeth whitening and laser treatment for when discolouration does happen! 

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