Cavity Treatment in NW Calgary

Having pains in your teeth can lead to headaches, toothaches, and other symptoms that will make your smile a little less bright. At Hampton’s Dental, it is our job to take care of whatever is bothering your teeth so that you can move on with your life with confidence.

Cavities are the number 1 culprit behind a majority of the pains in people’s mouths, and Hampton’s Dental is the number 1 choice for patients seeking cavity treatment in NW Calgary. For quick and quality services and a team you can count on, call Hampton’s Dental today!

What Causes Cavities?

Cavities are actually just a larger form of tooth decay. The damage will cause holes to form in the teeth, leaving hollow and rotting passageways. If left untreated, these holes could make your life very uncomfortable.

It is no surprise that they are the most common condition that can affect the teeth. The main reason to blame for these holes is the constant build-up of plaque on the surface of the tooth over time. The best way to avoid getting a cavity is by brushing thoroughly on all sides of the teeth.

While they can be prevented with healthy brushing, flossing, and coming into Hampton’s Dental for your regular dental check-ups, it will sometimes still be necessary for you to receive a cavity treatment while you are here.

Cavity Treatments with Hamptons Dental 

The most common procedure to combat the cavity is a dental filling, but there are also processes of inlays, bonding, or crowns that are able to restore the decayed or deteriorated tooth.

The process of a filling is one of the fastest and the simplest. One of our professional and experienced dentists will clean the decay, usually with the help of a dental drill. They will drill inside the tooth to remove the decay before adding a protective filling to the whole that they create.

Don’t let the sound of the dental drill give you anxiety about coming in for your cavity treatment. Our team has done many fillings in our 20 plus years, and we know how to make you feel comfortable and safe with the use of the dental drill.

Benefits of Cavity Treatment

Not only will this cavity treatment make you feel better, but it will also make the teeth look healthier and stronger than ever.

When you have a cavity, the tooth will become dull, or even black, so they heavily affect the overall beauty of your smile.

At Hampton’s Dental, our professionals make sure that the filling is inputted evenly and makes the tooth as strong as possible before sending you on your way. We even make molds of the teeth surrounding the one that we are filling in order to match the shapes of the surrounding teeth. This will ensure a perfect fit that will prevent overcrowding or sores that lead to other, more serious infections.

Having a cavity treated will strengthen the tooth and prevent decay in the tooth later on. As such, it is a good idea to have your teeth checked regularly for cavities, especially if you are experiencing tooth pain while eating foods (particularly sweets). Once your tooth is filled, it will likely be a lot stronger and able to defend itself better against plaque as well.

Call for an Appointment Today!

If you suspect that one of your teeth might have formed a cavity, come in and see us! It is a lot easier and more effective to treat a cavity early on than if you were to wait to treat it.

With regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits, you should be able to prevent yourself from any future cavities and other infections. However, in case you find yourself with a pain in your tooth, come in for a check-up and a filling can generally be finished in about 15 minutes.

At Hampton’s Dental, your smile is our number one priority. If you find that a cavity is making you frown, come on in and let us quickly and effectively treat your cavity with a filling. You’ll soon be on your way with healthy and beautiful teeth.


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