4 Tips for Reversing Gum Disease

Dental model illustrating gum desease

Healthy gums don’t just keep your breath smelling fresh – they’re important to your overall health. Gum disease has been linked to a higher risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

Because of the vital role your gums play in your oral and overall health, gum disease is not to be taken lightly. It’s even more imperative to be aware of gum disease as you age.

Gum disease can take many forms, from reversible cases of gingivitis to extensive damage of the tissue and bone that supports the teeth. If the disease progresses, you may even lose teeth.

You may be experiencing the early stages of gum disease if you are exhibiting any combination of the following symptoms:

  • Swollen and tender gums
  • Bleeding when you brush
  • Persistent bad breath (halitosis)
  • Painful chewing
  • Sores in your mouth

Luckily, gum disease is reversible if it is caught early enough. The following 4 tips will help restore your gums to a healthy state.


1. Make Water Your Go-To Beverage

Consider replacing all of the drinks you consume with water. Even if your favourite coffee, tea, juice, soda, or alcoholic beverage has become a part of your daily routine, you should consider making a permanent switch to water in favour of your gum health.

The sugars in these types of beverages can interact with the bacteria in your mouth and form harmful acid. This acid can weaken your gums and cause further inflammation.

On the other hand, water will prevent your mouth from becoming dry and promote the production of saliva. Saliva naturally protects your gums by neutralizing harmful acids and removing food build-up.

If making the switch to only water is difficult, drink other beverages in moderation. Rinse your mouth out with water after consuming other types of beverages to remove harmful sugars and acids from your mouth.


2. Invest in a New Toothpaste

There are special toothpastes on the market that cater to those with early-stage gum disease. Ideally, opt for one that has the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance to guarantee the most optimal control of gingivitis and plaque build-up. Toothpastes like these will neutralize the bacteria found near your gum line.

Utilize your new toothpaste alongside a regular oral health routine. Ideally, you should brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day and floss at least once a day. When brushing, tilt your brush at a 45-degree angle and don’t neglect your gums and gum line.

These techniques will remove bacteria from all parts of your mouth and promote the health of your gums.


3. Don’t Be Shy: Visit Your Dentist

Don’t shy away from the dentist if you feel your gums are in bad shape. Our team at Hamptons Dental will advise you on how to get your teeth in the best condition possible based on your unique circumstances.

Regular appointments and cleanings will help us diagnose you if the signs of gum disease aren’t presented in an obvious way. We will prevent your gum disease from progressing and give you the resources you need to properly care for your mouth and gums. Our preventative care will reduce the chances of you needing a costly surgery for serious oral damage later on.


4. Oil Pulling

This method is easy to perform and has shown promising results in some patients. Select an oil of your choice, like extra virgin coconut oil. Then, swish a tablespoon of it in your mouth once a day for 15 to 20 minutes. This natural mouthwash has been known to effectively remove food particles and bacteria from your gums and alleviate the symptoms of early gum disease.

It is not too late to help your gums! Ensure their long-term health by following these 4 tips for reversing gum disease.

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