Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants

Misshapen, missing, and severely damaged teeth are a source of frustration and self-confidence issues for many people. These problems don’t just affect the way you feel and look. They can also negatively affect the health of your mouth.

While there are quite a few options you can choose to correct your dental situation. One method that has become increasingly popular is dental implants.

Those who are looking for the best dental implants in Calgary NW will find that, unlike dentures, dental implants serve as a permanent form of tooth replacement. The process of getting this oral procedure is much more involved than regular dentures, but they offer several benefits to those interested.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a device that your dentists attaches to your jaw underneath your gum line. Eventually, it’s fused to your jaw. Your dentist then uses it to attach a metal post. That post acts as a bridge for a set of artificial teeth or a root for a single artificial tooth.

Why Opt for Implants Over Regular Dentures?

People choose implants over traditional dentures for both functional and cosmetic reasons. With regular dentures, you have to insert them, remove them, and clean them every day. Many people would rather skip these steps, and they can with implants.

Another reason why so many people prefer implants is that they’re able to enjoy a variety of foods. Regular dentures sometimes make it difficult to eat specific foods, especially items that are sticky or hard. A dental implant is like having your natural teeth, which makes eating more enjoyable and comfortable.

They’re also easier to care for than dentures, which constantly need special care and cleaning. With dental implants, all you need to do is brush and floss like you normally should. Implants save you time, and the care process is a lot more pleasant than other options.

A few other reasons dental implants are a good dental solution include not having to worry about the implants slipping and knowing that your jawbone is protected. Traditional dentures can also cause your teeth to shift into gaps, while implants prevent this.

What Are The Different Types of Dental Implants Materials?

The material that makes up the implant itself is usually titanium. Titanium has been the standard for dental implants for several decades with the best results. The post, also known as the abutment, is also typically made from titanium, but a few dental professionals have opted for ceramic as an alternative.

The crown, aka the new tooth, can be constructed out of several different materials. If they’re placed at the front of your mouth, they’re made from porcelain or ceramic. These two materials look the most natural and can be tinted to match the rest of your teeth.

For certain cases, your dentist may suggest metal crowns for molars located in the back of your mouth as they can’t be seen. Metal is used when for crowns when there is a risk of damaging your implants.

How Long Does A Dental Implant Procedure Take?

Getting the best dental implants in Calgary NW is a multi-step solution that could take several months to complete. Once your dentist has determined that you’re a good candidate for the procedure, you’ll make an appointment to have them inserted. The process can also involve the removal of any damaged teeth that are going to be replaced.

Once the device is in inserted, your mouth and jaw will need some time to recover. The healing process can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. During your recovery process, your dentist, periodontitis, and oral surgeon will examine the site to ensure that it’s healed properly and then attach your new tooth.

How to Get Dental Implants

If you’re interested in getting the best dental implants in Calgary NW, then schedule your appointment with our team at Hamptons Dental today. We’ll perform an examination and help you determine if dental implants are the right option for you. You’ll be on your way to a new and brighter smile when you choose us!

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