How to Pick the Right Family Dentist

A family dentist is more than someone who helps when your teeth have problems; they should help prevent teeth problems from happening in the first place. The dentist should, therefore, give advice and help you achieve the healthiest smile possible. To effectively serve the entire family, they also need a specific skill set.

Need a better idea of what that looks like? Here are some points to consider when selecting a family dentist.


1. Credentials 

For any dentist to start operating, they have to attend and graduate from an accredited medical or dental school. They should have passed both written and practical exams, and gone through supplementary studies to familiarise themselves with the recent dental technology. You should ask the doctor about their credentials and experience. It’s also essential to find out how long the doctor has been practicing. Many dentists share this information on their practice’s website. 

You should also find out if the medical center the dentist is working at has other qualified personnel. In case of your doctor’s absence, there should be someone who is equally qualified to handle your case. 

Another consideration to look at is whether they are able to handle children. A dentist who is good with kids will make every dental appointment enjoyable for both you and your children. 


2. Equipment

You should do enough research to ensure the dentist you choose has the right equipment and facilities to handle any dental problem you might have. They should be prepared for a wide range of services such as cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign braces, and restorative care. A dentist who knows rotary endodontics is be a huge boost. At Hamptons Dental, we have both experienced dentists and the latest technology for restorative dental procedures, among other treatments. 


3. Insurance

Establish whether the dentist accepts the insurance that covers you and your family. You should choose a dental office that is networked to your insurance because dental procedures can be expensive. You should also make sure the dentist has a reasonable fee structure. Don’t overstretch your budget if you can get the same good quality care from someone else. Do some prior research to identify the most competent and affordable dentist in your area. 


4. Reputation

While looking for a dentist, it’s vital to look for referrals. A top-notch dentist will have a lot of happy clients who might be willing to share their experiences. You should look at the portfolio of a couple of dentists and their online reviews. Although asking around or reading plenty of reviews may seem tedious, it is very necessary. You should always do whatever it takes to ensure your family’s health. 


5. Location

Accessibility to medical services, including the dentist, should always be a priority. This is because many emergency cases require professional assistance before they worsen. The family dentist should, therefore, be close to your home or your children’s school. This will make it convenient when scheduling for appointments. Your doctor should also be reachable in case of any dental emergencies. 

If there are older or disabled members of your family that require extra care, the facility you choose for dental appointments should be able to cater for their needs. For instance, if the office is on the second floor, it should have elevators, lifts, or ramps to make movement possible. 


6. Personality

When you have already established that the dentist is well qualified, you need to find out if they are a person you can build a great rapport with. The dentist should communicate appropriately with every member of the family. They should also be in a position to recognise dental issues and discuss them openly. 

Overall, your dentist should be someone you can trust and have good interactions with while they cater to your dental challenges. This is someone that you want to establish a working relationship with; ideally, they’ll care for you and your family for decades. Try out a few consultations with dentists close to your children’s school to figure out which you like best.

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