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Proper dental hygiene goes well beyond brushing your teeth twice a day and avoiding soft drinks. Regular visits with a dentist help to ensure that cavities are treated before they become a problem and any instances of gum disease are halted before tooth loss occurs. At Hamptons Dental, strongly encourage you to make recommended visits with our talented dental care professionals for these reasons and for us to help you with your overall health.

Prevent Tooth Decay

Having strong and healthy teeth helps with more than just eating and smiling. There is a growing body of evidence that those with healthy teeth and gums experience lower rates of heart disease and related illnesses. A dental checkup starts with an exam to determine if there have been any negative changes and then, after correcting the issues, removing the excess tartar.

If this process occurs on a regular basis it is possible to help halt any ongoing decay issues and potentially save yourself from having to replace teeth. Failure to do so may result in damages that can range from difficult to repair to requiring replacement, such as dental implants.  Although we do offer dental implants in NW Calgary, we try to avoid patients from needing to go that far.

Fix Broken Teeth

In many instances, it is possible to fix broken teeth. The second you experience a broken tooth contact our team for an exam and capping. Waiting too long increases your risk of infection, not to mention the severe discomfort that comes with exposes roots.

If the tooth cannot be fixed our team may be able to safely remove it and provide you with a replacement. This will enable you to get back to enjoying your daily life without fear of tooth pain flaring up every time you eat or drink.

Keep Your Teeth White

There are two ways that teeth become discolored – tartar building and staining. After removing the built-up tartar a member of our dental team will apply an effective bleaching agent to remove excess stains. Doing so on a regular basis helps make certain that your teeth look clean, healthy, and strong.

It is important that you do not forgo home care in lieu of having a professional fix your teeth. While there is no way to completely prevent tartar buildup and teeth staining, it is easy to minimize the occurrence by simply brushing your teeth and avoid excess sugar.

Identify and Fix Gum Issues

The state of your gums impacts everything from your ability to enjoy certain foods to whether or not you will be able to keep your original teeth. Gum disease may arise from a wide variety of factors that include injury, tartar buildup, and illness. Depending on the state of your gums a variety of treatments may be used to halt, if not reverse, the damage.

It is important that you have your gums examined by a dentist on a regular basis to make certain that any gum disease that may develop is treated promptly. Symptoms of gum issues include sensitivity, discoloration, receding gum lines, and bleeding. Schedule an appointment if you experience any of these symptoms immediately.

Enjoy a Fresher Breath

Bad breath may be caused by many conditions, from hard plaque on your tonsils to issues with your sinuses. A dentist will be able to rule out common causes and refer you to specialists if need be. You will be amazed at how often bad breath can be fixed with the right mouthwash and proper oral care.

Schedule Your Visit Today

Speak with a member of our staff at Hamptons Dental today to schedule your checkup. We are ready to help you achieve your dental health goals. We gladly accept clients in Calgary Alberta, and any nearby communities. Contact us at 403-274-7112 to get started and find out how we can exceed your expectations.

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