Keeping Your Child’s Teeth Clean During The Holidays

Child getting teeth cleaning in NW Calgary on holidays

Halloween and Christmas are coming up and your child will definitely fill their storage with many candy treats. But the holiday season is not an excuse to skip monitoring your child’s teeth. They need to be responsible in brushing their teeth especially when they eat a lot of sweet treats. Avoid these issues and visite a family-friendly dental practice in Calgary

Who wants to have a toothache during the holidays? Of course, no one wants it to happen — especially your kids. To avoid such undesirable scenario, here are some tips from professional Calgary dentists to keep your child’s teeth healthy over the holidays. 


Maintain proper nutrition

One of the hardest and challenging things to do during the holiday is to maintain proper nutrition. When you impose proper nutrition to your child, it doesn’t mean that you don’t allow sweets in the meal. You only need to limit the consumption and let your child eat healthier meals.

You teach your child to consume gradually the chocolates and candies. Tell them not to eat the entire package but consume a small portion of it in one meal. You can also impose a day where they are not allowed to eat sweets. Instead, they must eat healthy meals only within that day.


Sugar-free rewards

When you give gifts during the holidays, ensure that you opt for sugar-free trinkets that your child will love. Chocolates and candies are tempting to give but your child will also appreciate simple gifts. If your child is a girl, you can give her hair clips. For boys, you can give small cars.

But if you’re child still experience a toothache during the holiday season, visit your family dentist in Calgary. NW, Calgary dentists are reliable in treating tooth-related problems and the children love them. Visit your Calgary dental clinic regularly for your child’s checkup to maintain healthy teeth.

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