Top 3 Misconceptions About Root Canals

Girl smiling after root canal treatment in NW Calgary

Many people have been told horror stories of root canal procedures. They are fearful of getting this necessary treatment, and the result is that too many people don’t get the dental care they need. Instead, they continue to suffer pain caused by an infected tooth.

Root canals have a lot of unnecessary stigma around them. At the most factual level, root canals are treatments that remove the bacteria and infection in the roots of a tooth. These become necessary after a cavity has been allowed to fester, causing great pain for the patient. The soft pulp in the innermost part of the tooth becomes inflamed and infected. When that happens, a specialist, also called an endodontist, must go in and remove the bacteria causing the problem.

Failure to get treatment causes the infection to spread even more, and the teeth to fall into worse decay. To prevent this from happening to you, we’re going to clear up the top 3 misconceptions about root canals.

#1 The Treatment Is Painful

The top reason people are afraid of getting a root canal is because they believe that the treatment is extremely painful. They have images of people with swollen cheeks, red faces, and sensitive mouths.

This is a fear that is outdated. These days, modern technology and anaesthetics give customers a comfortable experience. There is no more pain in this procedure than getting one’s cavity filled.

At Hamptons Dental, our team works to ensure that patients are in a comfortable and relaxing environment before the procedure is done. The goal is to give you relief, not make the pain worse.

#2 Root Canal Treatment Causes Sicknesses

This is an internet scare that was created by people who are not professionally trained in dentistry. They claim that people who receive root canal treatments are more likely to get sick or contract a disease in the future. There is no science to back this claim.

The claim is based on centuries old research that has long been debunked and proven false. There is no evidence to back this claim. When people online are fear mongering about this, it is best to be ignored.

#3 Pulling a Tooth Is Better than Getting a Root Canal

Pulling a tooth is not better at all. In fact, it can be a worse option for your dental health.

In terms of pain, there is no advantage to getting a tooth pulled. The doctors these days will put patients under the same anaesthetics in order to pull a tooth as perform a root canal procedure.

Saving one’s natural teeth is the best option. When a tooth is removed, the surrounding teeth can start to cave in, leading to erosion of the jawbone, misaligned teeth, and possible infections. In contrast, a root canal preserves the jawbone. When topped off with a crown, it will be as if the tooth was present and healthy all along.

If the tooth is painful enough that you are considering getting it removed,  it’s time to see a dentist. A profession will go through the steps of a root canal and quell any fears that might arise about the procedure.

The Takeaway: Is a Root Canal Worth It?

A root canal is not as painful as it is made out to be. The procedure has a high success rate, and because of technology and modern medicine, it is painless. Our team highly recommends the procedure because it helps customers maintain their natural smiles and keep their teeth strong and healthy.

At Hamptons Dental, we help to make our patients are as comfortable as possible before, during, and after the process. We have professionals willing and able to discuss the procedure with the client before they book their appointment.

Our duty as dentists is to ensure the oral health of our patients, but we will not ignore their fears. We will ensure that any root canal done in our office utilises only the latest technology and the proper techniques to make the experience as quick, effective, and stress-free as possible.

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