Want Veneers? Here’s What You Should Consider

Getting veneers can be a quick way to get that bright, perfect smile that you’ve always dreamed about. They’re a great dental solution for those who have gaps in their teeth or have teeth that are stained or chipped.

Veneers offer a permanent solution to your dental problems. It’s a huge decision to get them, so if you want to get cheap cosmetic dentistry in Calgary NW, then you need to consider all the information pertaining to the process.

How Much Do Veneers Cost?

One of the most important factors you have to consider is how much the operation costs. The type of veneers you get is a major factor in how much you pay. The materials dental professionals use include porcelain, ultra-thin porcelain laminates, and composite.

Of the three materials offered, composites are the least expensive, typically costing anywhere from $250 to $1500 per tooth.

Porcelain veneers, which are studier and are made in a lab, cost anywhere from $500 to $2500 per tooth.

The laminates are the most expensive kind of veneers, which come from third-party companies like Vivaneer and Lumineer. They can cost anywhere from $800 to $200 per tooth. Capable dental professionals are able to help you determine which option is best for you.

What Type of Teeth Are Best for Veneers?

Anyone looking to improve the look and structure of their smile can get veneers. Porcelain veneers are the usual choice for restoration as it mimics natural tooth structure the best. It’s also the most similar to getting a filling or a crown.

What Happens to Your Actual Teeth When You Get Veneers?

Usually, the dental procedure involves the removal of only a small amount of the tooth structure. If your dentist finds that there is something else wrong with your bite or teeth, more may have to be done and more of the tooth may have to be removed. For example, someone who has a cavity will need veneer inlays, a porcelain veneer attached to a porcelain filling.

What Happens to Veneers Over Time?

When you keep your veneers in good health, they can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Some people are able to make them last longer, but you want to change them out before any wear or cavities begin forming.

The condition of your veneers will change as time goes on. Just like with natural teeth, acid and bacteria can contribute to erosion in your mouth. If follow up appointments aren’t made after your procedure, you risk shifting, gum recession, and general wear. This can ruin your artificial teeth along with your real teeth if you don’t take proper care of your oral hygiene.

Should You Avoid Certain Foods And Drinks?

Since veneers act like real teeth, you don’t have to change your drinking or eating habits. You can sip on coffee and wine as you would with your natural teeth, but you have to drink them sparingly and keep up with flossing and brushing as you would anyway.

Is There Any Pain in The Process?

Patients who have undergone this type of oral surgery have reported gum sensitivity after their temporaries were put in. It’s also possible to experience what dental professionals call “bonding sensitivity” when the final bonding occurs.

The pain has often been compared to the sensation you feel when you bite something cold and feel the sharp pain afterwards. Your dentist will give you instructions on how to dull the pain. Many suggest taking painkillers, rinsing your mouth with salt water, and sleeping to alleviate the pain.

What Is The Healing Process?

The pain tends to subside quickly after your final veneers are installed. Your gums tend to be sore and red in the days following the procedure, but actual healing time varies depending on the person. It usually takes about a week to fully heal and you can take steps to aid the process and strengthen your new and improved teeth.

Brighten Your Smile

If you’re interested in getting cheap cosmetic dentistry in Calgary NW that is quick and reliable, then schedule your appointment with our team at Hamptons Dental today. We’ll perform an examination to see what veneer options are best for you. With our help, you’ll have a better, brighter smile in no time!

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