Top 5 Questions to Ask When Picking a Dentist

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As much as you might wish deciding on a dentist is as easy as going to the nearest practice, the process of finding the right one is a lot more complicated. You have to make sure that you and your doctor get on well. You also have to ensure they don’t make your child uneasy.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as choosing what snack to grab at the movies or what hairstyle you want for your next trip to your hairdresser. Don’t just choose any old dentist based on a fancy advertisement or for convenience sake. You have to put a lot of thought into the decision and do some serious research.

our decision, there are the top 5 questions you should ask that will help determine if they’re a good fit with you.

1. What are your areas of speciality?

Some dentists are specialists in certain areas and only offer treatment related to that area of expertise. When you’re looking into potential doctors, ask them what their range of services is. For example, some only provide cosmetic procedures while others specialise in orthodontics. Other dentists may only do TMJ or implants. You might want to go with a dentist who has extensive training in many different areas and is experienced in working with children.

When asking this question, probe deeper. Ask them about their work experience overall. It’s good to know how many dental procedures they’ve performed. Your opinion of a professional may change if you find out they only have a few experiences under their belt. The same could happen if you find out a professional has done a procedure numerous times.

2. Do you offer payment plans?

Your budget is everything. You don’t want to dump a huge amount of money into a procedure if you can instead pay for it in manageable increments. Many dental practices have payment plans for their patients.

Before settling on a dentist, ask them about the payment options they have available. Request more information on options that sound appealing to you. Knowing whether they do monthly instalments or interest-free payment programs can really affect your decision. Plus, it’s imperative to know what insurance they take and if they allow cash payments.   

3. Do you take X-rays when necessary?

The use of X-rays in dentistry is vital. It can help identify serious conditions that otherwise may have no pain or warning sign.

When you speak with a potential dentist, inquire about how often they take X-rays. You’ll want someone who takes scans before determining a treatment plan. If you find a dentist doesn’t take X-rays as a part of their normal process, you may want to look elsewhere.  

4. How do you determine how many visits I need?

Your dental needs are special to you. Every patient a dentist has is different and needs different oral care. It’ll be useful to know how a candidate will determine your optimal number of visits. Your dentist may have the desired end result in mind, but they might not have an objective way of getting there. You want to choose a dentist who goes about your treatment strategically. They should prioritize treatments based on how essential they are to you.

5. Do they have positive references?

How others view a dentist is a huge indicator of whether they perform well. If other dentists have nothing but positive things to say about the doctor you’re interested in, that shows they’re respected in their field.

Researching what other patients have to say about their experiences with a particular professional can also be telling. Look at reviews on their website, social media, Yelp, and other online forums. Reading a large variety of reviews will help you discern not only the skill of the dentist but also their personality.

The Importance of Choosing a Good Dentist

Asking the questions above will help you in finding the perfect dentist for you. Perhaps you won’t have to look that far. Our professionals at Hamptons Dental are dedicated to ensuring you and your family always have happy and healthy smiles. To see if we’re the right fit for you, contact us today.

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