Yes, we can send directly to insurance and have them pay us and you just pay the difference.
Getting an early start on dental care helps your child learn the importance of regular visits to the dentist. Children as young as 2 can be brought to dental office to help acclimate them to the environment and provide them an opportunity for a positive experience. As baby teeth come in, regular visits should be established and maintained.
During pregnancy, your gums can be more susceptible to infection, so home care and having regular scaling appointments is very important.

This new fee guide has just been presented from the Alberta Dental Association. Our practice might have some higher fees for some different procedures, but it is based on the exceptional dentists that are with us and the years of experience behind them.

Our clinic has always followed average fees in NW Calgary through a fee survey that the ADA provided for the dentists in the past.

The new guide is not obligatory, it is professional information for the Dentist and there is no expectation whatsoever that the dentist will or should adopt the listed fees.

Most dentist fees will vary above and below the guide.

Insurance companies set up their own fee guides. They pay a percentage based on their fee guides. Your employer decides on the level of coverage you get. As a courtesy, we are happy to send pre-determinations to your insurance carrier to find out what will be covered. The treatment we recommend is not suggested based on your insurance coverage, but rather on your oral health needs.

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