Tips to getting the best dental hygiene

Hygiene tips from your Calgary dentist

Tips for Maintaining the Best Dental Hygiene from a Calgary Dentist

At Hamptons Dental in NW Calgary, we know that having to live with toothache and pain can be quite the ordeal. This is the very reason why we have established ourselves to be one of the premier dentist offices in Calgary, serving the friendly community here by offering a slew of dental services that provides nothing but the very best when it comes to oral health and care. We also offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services to those who need them.


What we offer to all our clients

Among the services that we offer include general dentistry that will fix all kinds of major and minor oral health issues, ranging from teeth whitening to Invisalign, sedation dentistry, dental implants, tooth extraction, cavity treatment and restorative dental procedures. As a family dentist, we always strive to build that level of trust with our patients, and have established good rapport among families with children of various ages. We are also well equipped to respond to any kind of dental emergency that might occur, ready to jump in at any time of the day while rearranging our schedule accordingly. We always recommend people to visit a dentist the moment they feel any kind of pain or discomfort in their teeth. It’s important to practice proper dental health as well to avoid issues in the future.


Why choose us to be your dentist?

Backed by more than 20 years of experience in serving the community as the friendly neighborhood dentist in NW Calgary, our team, supported by dedicated care team members to ensure that each visit is a pleasant and memorable one. Having built up friendships with our patients over the years, they have become our friends, returning back year after year in order to have all of their dental needs met. We are more than just skilled dentists in Calgary, we also endeavor to create a homey and comfortable experience for every single one of our patients. Apart from that, we also offer education concerning at-home dental care so that your pearly whites will remain in optimum condition between the yearly appointments.

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